Web logs and social networking sites

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Web logs and social networking sites

What is a web log (blog)?

  • website providing commentary, personal thoughts or news on a particular subject
  • written in chronological order and can include text, images, andd links to other blogs and websites
  • blogs enable other people to comment on the material posted and often this means that tehse comments are moderated by the owner of the blog
  • blogs can be created quickly by anyone with Internet connection
  • considered as online journals

Use of web logs

  • personal online diaries - lets people know what you are up to
  • news 
  • entertainment
  • food - recipies
  • politics
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Use of social networking


  • keeping up-to-date with friends online


  • music connection holding the site together
  • provided a way for artists to reach their audiences
  • site allows direct communication between famous artists and their fans


  • mainly younger users
  • whiteboard feature


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Advantages and disadvantages of web logs and social networking sites


  • helps build online communications - important if lonely or disabled
  • allows you to make friends with friends of your friends
  • useful place for expressing your opinion on matters
  • allows you to find out what your friends and family are up to
  • useful place to exchange photographs with other family members and friends
  • students can access blogs so that they can chat about their learning and help each other


  • image may be posted on an inappropriate site
  • paedophiles use blogs and social networking sites to obtain images
  • image might be edited using image editing software
  • may be identified from your image even though there are no other contact details
  • may encounter stalkers or be pestered by email
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  • very easy to copy an image off a website or social networking site. Images sent to one person can be passed to others without their permission
  • employers sometimes look at profiles of job applicants on social networking sites to see if they are suitable for the job
  • staring rumours on internet
  • addiction to social networking sites
  • get users to reveal lots of personal information about themselves and thier friends which is an invasion of privacy
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