Web design software

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Web design software


  • provide a quick way of creating webpages
  • supply the structure for the website and the navigation that is used to move around the site
  • act as a framework for the website
  • ideal for people who need to develop websites quickly and have no design or website development skills


  • allow you to jump from one part of a website to another or even to a completely different webite
  • Hyperlink links - these are text that you can click on to activate the link
  • Graphical links - graphical images that you click on to activate the link, cursor changes shape to hand


  • image or piece of text used as a link on a webpage
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  • buttons that you use to move around the site and perform certain actions
  • back - go to previous page
  • forward - jump to next page
  • refresh or reload - refresh the contents of the page
  • home - return to the page that you use as your home page
  • stop - stop trying to load site page
  • key word search - search a site using one or more key words


  • collect data from website users



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  • software that allows you to add interactivity and animations to webpages


  • web feed fromat that is used to publish frequently updated work such as news, radio, video
  • user does not have to visit the website to get the content it is sent automatically to them


  • how many visitors there have been to that website


  • a set of instructions used to create documents on the World Wide Web. you can use it to specify teh structure and layout of a web document
  • tags that tell the computer what to do with the text that is entered
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Software for audio, DVD and video players

  • volume adjustment - increase or decrease the volume
  • mute - stops the sound going through the speakers
  • play - starts the music, video
  • pause - stops whatever it is from playing until you press play again
  • forward/fast forward - can move forward to a particular part
  • backwards/reverse - useful if you want to go back and listen to or watch something again
  • start - starts the player
  • stop - stops the player
  • end - goes to the end of the music/video
  • play list - can build  a list of music tracks so they are played one after another automatically
  • subtitles - spoken words are displayed as text on the screen, useful is person watching is deaf or if you want to learn another language
  • music downloads - some music players can connect to a website so can select and pay for downloads to be stored on your computer
  • streaming - where you do not download the whole music track/CD or DVD, instead the file is sent via the Internet so you are able to watch it as it is being sent
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  • series of digital files that are released in episodes that are sent to your computer automatically each time one is released
  • podcast software is freely available on the Internet
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