Weather in the UK

Weather and Climate GCSE Geography A text book notes 3.1

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What is the Climate in the UK?


  • The climate is greatly influenced by its gobal postition.
  • The UK is a battle ground between warm tropical air from the south and cold polar air from the north
  • The two different types of air fight for the mid latitudes which is when England experiences such changeable weather.
  • During the summer the sun is high in the sky and brings longer periods of potential sunshine
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Reasons for the UK's climate

  • Ocean currents - the North Atlantic drift to the east of the UK controls our climate because it is a warm current. due to our latittude if we didnt have the warm current our climate would be much colder
  • Prevalling winds - Warm moist winds in the south west travel over the warm drift so become hotter, this is why we have a damp mild climate.
  • Maritime influence - because the Uk is an island it tends to be humid. This why we get quite a lot of rainfall and cloudy weather
  • Continentality -  influence of being close to or far away from the sea
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