Weaknesses of working memory model

An outline of the two weaknesses of the model.

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First Weakness

The central executive seems to have TOO MANY DIFFERENT TASKS TO BE A SINGLE, UNITARY COMPONENT in working memory.

It seems unlikely that one component could be involved in controlling all of these tasks.

For example, tasks such as attention, problem solving, setting goals and checking errors TASKS ARE SO DIFFERENT, AND SO LIKELY TO INVOLVE A RANGE OF DIFFERENT CIRCUITS IN THE BRAIN.

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Second Weakness

It is not clear whether the phonological loop is JUST FOR LANGUAGE, or whether it processes OTHER SOUNDS.

For example, music without lyrics doesn't often interfere much with our attempts at verbal rehearsal. So IS THERE A SEPARATE LOOP FOR MUSIC?

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I thought the working memory was not a unitary store and that it was the msm that suggested memory to be a unitary system?

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