WE Media and Democracy


The Past

  • WEB 1.0
    • Push media
    • limited audience interactivity
    • less audience fragmentation
  • Products of WE Media
    • Fanzines eg - The 12th man magazine
    • Pirate Radio eg - Radio Caroline
  • why these products existed
    • products for a small niche audience defined by interests
    • interests which were not covered by the mainstream media
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WEB 2.0 and Convergence

Convergence is the access to the means of production

  • many media texts have been created using one device
    • Magazine, Documentary, Print Advert, Radio Advert all made using one computer

WEB 2.0 is the access to an audience

  • many people can gain an access to an audience just by using blogging sites such as blogger
  • other examples
    • Live365.com - amature radio
    • blogging and micro blogging (Twitter)
    • youtube

the global villiage model (Marshall Mcluhan)

  • WEB 2.0 has theretically shrunk the world.
  • news from one side can reach the other in a matter of seconds.
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In 2014 youtube can be used as a replacement to TV

through youtube many people have reached the mainstream idea of celebritism


Justin Beiber

the midnight beast

Keenan Cahill - internet only star

all of these examples have changed the pattern of media consumption

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  • in 2012 a 9 year old girl releced a blog called ' never seconds'
  • she took pictures of the food her school canteen was searving
  • the local council banned her from taking the pictures
  • this led to the guardian writing an article
  • since then her blog has had over 10 million hits
  • and she has met -  jaime oliver, the president of mawali
  • and she has been to africa, china and japan
  • she is also releasing a book
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Digital Broadcasting

  • in 1984 there were only 4 TV channels
  • now there are well over 200
  • new tv has allowed for narrowcasting and futher audience fragmentation
    • narrowcasting is targeting niche audiences like the Food network channel or the Sci- fi channel
  • catch up tv has allowed the audience to create its own schedule
    • audiences are now using WEB 2.0 to its advantage and pulling media from sites such as bbc iplayer

changing paterns of media consumption.

  • institutions have to work harder to attract and sustain an audience
    • this is sometimes acheived by audience interactivity
    • this gives the audience an illusion of democracy
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illusion of democracy

X Factor

  • in any round of the x factor there will be a contestant that a minority of the public can relate to
    • ie black, white, gay, straigt, young, old

Big Brother

  • it has to be argued that big brother is not atall democratic
    • 24 hours of footage are cut down to 60 or 90 mins
    • through GATEKEEPING the production teem can influence the way the audinec receive the text


  • in BGT there will always be a contriversial act, for example in this years final there was the men that danced in high heeled shoes
  • this increases audience conversation - which intern can enlarge an audience
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Responce to conventional media

Tv companies are now creating programmes which are made up of WE Media footage

  • Let me entertain you -ITV 1
  • Viral Tap - ITV2
  • Rude Tube - C4 and E4

people get paid for the footage, as companies are loosing audineces to youtube this is there way to get back.

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Examples of We media in the news

  • Prince harry - i phone picture wearng nazi uniform sold to the sun
  • boston bomb - camera phone picture identified the bomber
  • Korean Ferry - camera phone video of inside the boat
  • Lee Rigby - phone footage sold to ITV news for an Exclusive


  • 9/11 was the first big news story to be covered by citizen journalism
  • the docufilm 102 minutes that changed america is made up of only amature video
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Ideology and Hegemony

ideology is the ideas behind a text

  • it can be described as a body of ideas or set of beleifs that underpins a process or intitution and leads to social relations

Dominant ideology

  • socially accepted or agreed beliefs for example the beleif that education gives access to all
  • Karl  Marx
    • people who rule in any society do so by controling the means to production of ideas
  • Althusser
    • two forms of state control Repressive state apparatus (RSA) and idealogical (ISA)
    • if the ISA is effective in a state RSA is not needed
  • Gramsci
    • Developed the idea of hegomony - perswading the public that the dominant ideology is correct
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Dominant Ideology Example

all productions in relation to the royals are positive

for example the royal wedding was described as the 'peoples wedding' and in the star the headline was ' one butiful bride, one great day to be british'

WE Media allows the negitive view to be published

  • Peter Dowe
    • fighter for scottish inderpendence
    • anti royal
    • said he would shoot the queen
    • he can give his view using we media

on June 14 the KIng of spain will abdicate for his son, however there is mass protest in madrid to remove royals all together.

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WE Media challeging the status quo

Wikileaks - Edward Snowdon releaced classified documents from democratic countries such as the UK and US

Arab Spring - Egypt and Lybia goverment overthrown after mass protests in major cities organised using facebook and twitter

Iran, Syria and Ukraine- the wider world is given an insight to the haponings through amature footage

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Collective Voice

The Arab Spring is a good example of Collective Voice

however in britain there is a good example also

  • June 2010 the radio station BBC 6 music saved from closure
    • Audience spoke out using social networking - WE Media
    • BBC is a public service broadcaster - has to do what the audience wants
    • The future - can bbc 3 be saved in a similar way ?
  • the bbc has to be the ultimate democratic company as the public pay sfor it.
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Media Imperialism

media imperilism is the theory that smaller companies are loosing their identity because of the dominance of the oligopoly ( lots of small companies owned by a few conglomerates)

Cultural imperlialism

an example of cultural imperilalism is that many broadcasters buy instead of create as it is cheaper, ie - C4 / E4 buying rights to Big bang theory, How i met your mother etc instead of making more programes like the inbertweeners.

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The Future

in the future it can be argued that there will be no place for newspapers

  • this is because by the time they reach shelves they are out of date

Pull media systems will be more popular - like netflix and now tv

  • even reacently an american company releaced a whole series never seen on tv straight to netflix
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The Future

in the future it can be argued that there will be no place for newspapers

  • this is because by the time they reach shelves they are out of date

Pull media systems will be more popular - like netflix and now tv

  • even reacently an american company releaced a whole series never seen on tv straight to netflix
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