Ways of dealing with anti-social behaviour

Ways of dealing with anti-social behaviour

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The Judiciary

  • The role of the police is to act as 'gatekeepers' deciding which acts should be classified as crime or not
  • It is from the police figures that the criminal statistics are derived
  • The influence of the courts is to decide, not what criminal acts have been committed but if the person accused is guilty
  • The British judiciary system couldn't work without a huge number of the accused pleading guilty
  • 8 out of 10 people appearing in court plead guilty which allows the courts to concentrate on those who plead not guilty
  • If convicted of a criminal offence the criminal may be sentenced to jail - the length of which will vary depending on the crime committed
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Alternatives to a Jail Sentence

  • A police caution is an alternative to prosecution (legal proceedings)
  • It is intended to act as an official warning to deter people from getting involved in further crime. There are 2 forms of caution:
  • Formal caution - may be given to adults who admit they are guilty of first-time minor offences eg. vandalism or petty theft and counts towards a criminal record
  • Informal caution - an oral warning given by a police officier and doesn't count towards a criminal record
  • A reprimand is a formal verbal warning given by a police officer to a young person who admits they are guilty of a minor first offence
  • Community Service is a service that a person performs for the benefit of there local community in place if a prison sentence
  • Probation is the suspension of a jail sentence. A person may have committed a crime but they are given 'probation' where they can live in the community and follow certain conditions set by the court under the supervision of a probation officer
  • The ASBO is seen by some as the solution to anti-social behaviour - they are court orders that are issued for vandalism and rowdy behaviour etc
  • It can ban a person continuing the behaviour of visiting certain areas
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Victims and the Communities effected by Crime

  • Social control is important in society not just to control the individuals who take part in deviant or criminal behaviour but also for society as a whole
  • Some areas are greatly affected by criminal behaviour eg. inner cities
  • The crime in the area has a huge effect on the individuals in that area eg. not feeling safe to go outside or destroying community life
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