Ways of Classifying A Country

The definitions and examples of all of the 5 ways to classifly a country.

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Rich Industrial Countries

Rich Industrial Countries – Most developed countries in the world e.g. The UK, Norway, USA, Canada, France. 

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Newly Industrialising Countries

Newly Industrialising Countries these are countries which are rapidly getting richer. (As their economy was a primary industry (agriculture), they have now changed to a secondary industry (manufacturing). E.g. China, India, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa.

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Former Communist Countries

Former Communist Countries Not poor or rich countries. They are also developing quickly but not as quick as NICs. E.g. The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland.

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Oil-Exporting Countries

Oil-Exporting Countries Quite rich (have high GNI) but the wealth only belong to a few people, leaving the rest quite poor. E.g. Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi, Arabia.

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Heavily Indebted Poor Countries

Heavily Indebted Poor Countries The poorest and least developed countries in the world. E.g. Ethiopia, Chad, Angola.

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