wave cut platform

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Wave cut platform

1. Physical weathering weakens the top of the cliff through acid rain and temperature changes.

2. The sea attacks the bottom of the cliff through hydraulic action and abraision, forming a wave cut notch.

3. The sea continues to erode the rock, through hydraulic action, causing the notch to grow in size, creating an overhang

4.The overhang is unsupported so collapses due to gravity. Waves again attack the bottom of the cliff.

5.The back wash carries rubble out to sea causing abraision and creating a platform.

6. The process continues and the platform grows.

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Depositional landforms

A spit is formed when...

Material is transported through longshore drift until the coastline changes, to a river estuary, for example, slowing down the speed of longshore drft causing a build up of material.

The build up of material is callewd a spit, and behind this a salt marsh  is formed.

E.G. Hurst Castle

A bar is formed when...

The spit extends over a bay isolating the two bodies of water and creating a lagoon on one side with the sea on the other.

E.G. Slapton Sands, Devon

A tombolo is formed when...

a spit grows accross a bay to reach an island.

E.G. St michaels mount, Cornwall 

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