WaterAid in Mali

WaterAid Mali

A case study of an aid project in an LEDC

Mali: Population- 16 million. Capital- Bamako. Location- West Africa

(http://kcm.co.kr/bethany/c_maps/mali-1.gif)  WaterAid has been working in Mali since 2000

Why is aid needed?

Rainfall is low and decreasing every year, leading to desertification in the country. Mali also cannot afford the appropriate technology to help their situation.

  • 3.7M people dont have access to safe water
  • 75% of population dont have adequate sanitation
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WaterAid Mali

How does the aid work?

WaterAid provides the equipment and knowledge to install wells in poor villages. They pass on the knowledge to villagers to be able to install and maintain the wellls themselves. This is sustainable and an example of a self-help scheme.


  • Number of deaths caused by diarrhoeal diseases down by 65%
  • Last year alone WaterAid provided safe water to 35,000 people and improved sanitation to 53,000
  • They educate groups of people in cities and rural villages about the importance of good hygiene. They talk to the people in need to make sure sure they are effectively helping the people most in need.
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