Water World



  • Evaporation and Transpiration 
  • Clouds 
  • Precipitation 


  • Captures and stores water
  • Vegatation acts as a temperary storage space
  • Forest acts as a flood defense  


  • Rocks and soil store water 
  • Aquifers
  • Water flows off the ground into rivers
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The Hydrological Cycle


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Water Quantity in the Sahel

The Sahel reigon is locted in the northe of Africa and the widest part run from east to west.

The Sahel is a maryinal area.

The Sahel reigon countries include Mali, Chad and Niger.

What is the Sahel Reigon like?

  • Semi - Arid Area 
  • Alternating wet and dry seasons.
  • Rainfall over 1 or 2 mounths of that year. 

There has been drought regularly since the 1980's

When the rain comes down hard the soil is unable to soak it upso there are floods.

The Sahel Reigon is going throught the stages of DESERTIFICATION.

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Overobstraction Coca-Cola

In India the company Coke are overobstacting.

Where is India?

  • India is the south of Asia 
  • South East of Pakistan 
  • Coastlines the Araibian Sea and the Bay of Bengal

What is Coke doing?

  • Coke are overobstracting water to make thier drink.
  • 70 factories in India due to cheap labour costs 
  • 1 litre is taken to produce a 0.33 litre bottle of coke.
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Changes in Water Quality

Water Quality is getting worse due to:

  • Sewage disposel
  • Industrial pollution 
  • Plastic bags 
  • Intesive agriculture 

Water Pollution in an LEDC

  • Factories 
  • Developing Economy 
  • Bigger pollution more sewage parts needed

Water Pollution in an MEDC

  • Economys control pollution
  • Governments have standards 
  • In the UK pressure from NGOs and the Enviroment Agency 
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Climate Change and Water

The impacts on river flow:

  • Earlier arrival of spring
  • Melt earlier
  • Reducing river flow in the summer 
  • Reduced availibility of fresh water 

The impacts on evaporation:

  • Evaporation rates increase 

The impacts on precipitation 

  • More precipitation falling as rain
  • More water vapour 
  • Increase amount of precipitation 
  • Increase in precipitation intensity 
  • More intense storms 
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Water Management

MEDC Water Mangement 

  • The Hoover Dam and Lake Mead Revesior, USA 

LEDC Water Manegement

  • The Santo Antonio Dam , Brazil
  • Handpumps 
  • Intermeadiate Technologys
  • Water Management Schemes
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