water qualtiy and treatment

how water is cleaned and put into our home

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how water is treated 1


The water passes through a mesh screen to remove big bits and SOLIDS

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how water is treated 2


next it is treated with ozone or CHLORINE to kill the microbes

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how water is treated 3


Chemicals are added to make solids and microbes (remaining) stick together and fall to the bottom. sometimes iron is added to remove dissolved phosphstes

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how to treat water 4


The water is filtered again through gravel beds to remove all the solids. Nasty tastes and odors can be also removed by passing the water throguh activated carbon filters with carbon slurry

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how to treat water 5


the pH is corrected if the water is too acidic or alkaline

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how to treat water 6


water is chlorinated to kill off any harmful microbes left

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people who arent satisfied

they buy FILTERS that contain CARBON or SILVER to remove substances from their tap water

CARBON = chlorine taste

SILVER = to further kill microbes

ION EXCHANGE RESINS = to change water from hard to soft

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