Water, landforms and people

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  • Condensation- when water changes from a gas into a liquid on cooling, often in the form of clouds
  • Surface runoff- movement of water over the land surface
  • Infiltration- gradual penetration of water into land surfaces
  • Percolation-gradual seepage of water through soil,
  • Throughflow- movement of water through soil, usually laterally
  • Groundwater flow - the movement of water below the surface
  • Interception- interruption of transfer, usually of rainfall by plants
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  • Permeable- Allows water to pass through
  • Impermeable- Doesnt allow water to pass through
  • Porous- Able to hold water in pore space like a sponge
  • Flood- When a body of water eg lake or river doesnt have sufficient capacity to transfer all the discharge
  • Drought- Unusual dry spells when rainfall is significantly lower than average
  • Hydrograph- A graph showing the rate of water discharge in a river/stream
  • Lag time- length of time between the peak of rainfall and the peak of discharge
  • Relief- The shape of the earths surface
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