Water Conflicts Case Studies

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  • Has 4% of the world's freshwater, but 16% of its population
  • Demand will probably exceed supply of water by 2020
  • 43% of precipitation never reaches rivers and aquifers
  • Urban water demand is expected to double
  • Industrial demand is expected to triple
  • Overabstraction of 21 million wells has caused the water tables to fall rapidly
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  • Has 8% of the world's freshwater but must meet the needs of 22% of the world's population
  • Two-thirds of Chinese cities do not have enough water all year round
  • China uses irrigation to produce 70% of its food
  • Yellow River and major aquifers are running dry
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Beijing - Tianjin Region

  • Beijing, China's capital, may soon run out of water

Water supply problems:

  • Overexploited aquifers
  • Seasonal rainfall (most precipitation between Jul and Sep)
  • Floods
  • Droughts
  • Salt water incursion (poor water quality)
  • Contamination of upstream rivers
  • Overabstraction

Water demand problems:

  • Second largest populated city
  • Rapid rural-urban migration
  • Heavy industry use
  • Domestic water use (better quality of life)
  • High agricultural use
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