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Solutions - Card 1

100 grams of solution + 100 grams of solute = 200 grams of solution

The particles don't disappear they stay in the solution so  they count to the overall weight

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Solutions - Card 2

1. The particles in a solid are held together tightly.

2. When the solid dissolves the particles separate.

3. If you filter a dissolved solid it will pass through because the particles are not connected

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Solutions - Card 3

Water is the most common solvent. It is  cheap and dissolves lots different solutes.

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Solutions - Card 4

Other liquids can also be used as solvents. Solutes that are insoluble in water may dissolve in other solvents.

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Solutions - Card 5

If you keep adding solutes to a solvent, you will get to a point where no more will dissolve this is called a saturated solution  

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Solution separation - Card 6

Solutions and mixtures can be separated using different methods (shown over the next few cards)

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Filtering - Card 7

Used To Separate: 

solid particles which don't dissolve from the liquid they are in.


  • Tea leaves from a cup of tea
  • Sand from a mixture of sand and water
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Evaporation - Card 8

Used To Separate: 

dissolved substances from a solution


  • Salt from salt solution
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Distillation - Card 9

Used To Separate: 

the liquid from the dissolved solid in a solution or one liquid from a mixture of liquids


  • water from salt solution
  • alcohol from a mixture of alcohol and water
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chromatography - Card 10

Used To Separate: 

individual colours from a mixture of colours


  • the colours found in ink 
  • the food colourings found in fruit juice
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