Water cycle: Distribution of water stores.


Global distribution of water stores.

1) Hydrosphere:  Liquid water storage.

- 96.5% all water on Earth// impacts include; runoff & precipitation (input)// evaporation moves the water <ocean to Atmosphere>.

- Impacts: minimal short term affects// long term climatic changes; e..g Ice age.

2) Cryopshere: Ice storage.

- 1.7% water// impacts include; precipitation via snow & outputs via ice melt.// Stores e.g.  Greenland ice sheets, polar sea ice.

- Impacts: Ice coverage chnages= minimal changes// ice ages= storage increases & warmer seasons =  storage reduces.

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Global water stores:

3) Lithosphere-Bedrock storage:

- 1.7%// storage capcity is low- holds water the longest// water from; <lithosphere-Underground aquifers> slow process// years.

- Water stores; Pores/joints in rocks/ bedding plane- Years.

4)  Atmosphere- Atmospheric moisture stores:

 0.001%// water via evaporation moves// temporary store via water vapour & condensation, released via precipitation.

& Transpiration via plants = released water vapour into the atmosphere.

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