Was the period 1924-29 Golden

Key Issue 1

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Golden Years


  • Political: No attempts to overthrow government by Putsch or revolution after 1923 meant no one trying to overthrow the government. Extremist parties being marginalised because of less votes in 1924 and 1928 elections (Nazi 12 seats in 1928, KPD 54 seats). Political stability. New republic was still being guided by the founder Ebert until 1925.
  • Economic Recovery: Dawes Plan in April 1924 brought confidence in the economy,investment poured in from the USA. German industrial output exceeded levels of 1913 and doubled in 1929,factories get new equipment . Wages increase between 1924-29 every year so people have higher living standards. Working hours increase and people have a better social life. New currency Rentenmark created a stable currency.
  • Cultural: New modern buildings, Art,Architecture,Drama,Film,Music developed and encouraged/inspired artists. Nightclubs,Dances,Cabaret,Theatres is a social aspect.  
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Golden Years


  • Political: Political stability not real.Political violence to challenge authorities. Street violence between left and right continued. Unstable and uncertain government between 1924 and 1928 there was 6 governments with longest surviving 21 months. German public becoming disappointed with unstable government and calling for authoritarian leadership.
  • Economics: Germany dependent on short term loans if withdrawn economy in trouble. Economy becomes fragile when loans are removed. Reparation payments. Industry problems with unemployment over 1.3 million 1928. Farmers had been affected. Low wages wit some loosing there job . Higher standard of living depended on who you were. Not all Germans favoured female emancipation: women should hve traditional role.
  • Culture: Left and right regarded artistic development as useless to needs of working class.Right interpretated change as un-german and threat to traditional values. Following american culture and becoming a consumer society. Women smoking, wearing makeup.
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