Was the Weimar Republic doomed from the start?


Before and after WW1


Germany under rule of Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II.

Success story of Europe.

Modern, progressive, thriving.

By 1913, Germany had taken over Britain in industrial output and contributed 17% of world output.

Scientists such as Einstein and Robert Koch, philosophers such as Karl Marx and musicians such as Wagner.


Germany in 1920s = much darker place.

Economic difficulties and food shortages.

Kaiser fled and new democratic government join (Weimar republic), facing revolution from both left and right.

Ex - servicemen felt betrayed when Germany surrendered and signed the Treaty of Versailles on the 28th June, 1919.

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Why did Germany become involved in WW1?


Militarism - major powers of Europe building up their armed forces. Britain and France pointed to Germany's military tradition and accused it of provoking a war.

Imperialism - European powers each wanted to have a large empire.

Nationalism - a wave of nationalist pride had swept across Europe.

Defeating socialism - many governments were afraid that socialists would take over their countries.

The Naval Race - race to have the biggest navy.

Why did they loose?

- War on two fronts

- Naval blockade

- Economic Strength

- Manpower

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