War, Revolot and the Overthrow of the Monarchy 1792-3

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Foreign Reactions to The Revoloution

The great powers had shown no inclination to intervene during the first two years of the French revoloution, many of the great powers were infact happy about the changes taken place within France, because it meant that France was potentially loosing the status of a great power and therefore no longer regarded France as serious rival. All of the great powers were more intersted in trying to get a part of poland instead of what was going on in france.

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Decleration of Pillnitz

The Austrains felt that they had to make some sort of gesture after the flight to varennes in support of Louis. On the 27th August they declared the Decleration of Pillnitz along with Prussia which stated:

  • Both countires, aswell as other European Rulers regarded the events in France in their interest
  • They hoped to restore the powers of the French Crown
  • Force would be used if needed.

The decleration infaact did not create much of a stir and the assembly did not even discuss it.

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Support for War

In France several people felt that it would be in the best interests of the French people to go to war. One of these people was Marie Antoinette, the daughter of the Austrain Empress, she believed a short war for france was needed in which France would be defeated and the powers of the crown restored. Many widespread rumours arose that Marie Anotoinette was running the countrys foreign policy and it was managed by the " Austrain Committe", this was a group of people centred around Marie Antoinnette who were politicans and were influenced by her ideas. Army Commanders such as Lafayette wanted war, but for their own personal gain not Frances, Lafayette believed that a short war was needed so that France would win and his pretsige would be increased along with the Crowns. Jaques Brissot, the leader of the Brissotons also wanted war, he heavily argued for the trial of the king after the flight to varnnes.

The reasons he wanted war was because he felt a war would:

  •  Bring enthuasim for the revoloution.
  • The international situation was in favour of France because all the other great powers were in preoccupied with Poland and Britain would not go to war if the matter did not directly affect its home security or empire.
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Opposition To War

Robespeirre was one of the main people who actually oppossed war, he felt that war was wrong because he felt that the European powers were trying to intimadate France not invade her. As a result to his opposition to war, Robespierre became a lonely isolated figure.

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Decleration Of War

On 7th Febuary 1792 Austria and Prussia became allies. the Austrain threats and Girondin attacks on the Austrian Committe led to the King dismissing his Feuillant ministers and appointed a more radical goverement, including some Girondins.

Many people wanted now especailly the new foreign minster- General Douimoriez.

On 20th April 1792 France Declared War on Austria.


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