War Poetry

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Tyrtaeus: 650BC

- Patriotism and courage and honour that would come to the brave and the disgrace to the coward

- poetry was didactic: it was designed to teach the young men and boys of sparta the correct attitudes

- most probably a native spartan

- valued for the poetry's insights - graphic description of formations and armour and the mentality of the hoplites

- courage, discipline and manliness

- politica; conservative

- 12 fragments and 3 complete poems have been conserved by Strabo and other writers

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Alkman - the poet of the maiden chorus

- 7th century BC

- first greek choral poet

- sensitive to the natural attractions of the region and his poetry evoke the towering mountains and the seasons of the year

- he wrote for girls choirs, he accompanied on the lyre. the girls were part of the maiden chorus

- Partheneion: full of interchange of the girls singing and the choir master singing

- Reflects a cultured, prosperous society that was open to foreign influences

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