War lit key ideas and quotes

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Poems relating to nature not caring

  • "sleeping green between us".
  • "Sun shining down on these green fields of France....Trenches have vanished under the plough".
  • "Countryside not caring".

Christisan referneces/Patriotism

  • "Last Hill"
  • "Blank sky"
  • "Exposed"
  • "God is with us, it is for King and Empire".
  • "Called after Kings and Queens".
  • "No glimmer of Gods hand".

Psyical references to war

  • "Torn" "Tearing away the rotton tree stumps".
  • "Well I hope you died quick and I hope you died clean...or was it slow and obscene".
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Negative Home Front

  • "He hated her for not having seen what he had seen".
  • "Who are fighting for those who never want the war to end".
  • "You listen with delight to tales of dirt and danger, fondly thrilled".
  • "You make us shells".
  • "We all have a vague notioon".

Positive images/representations of war

  • "They brought us from our dearth, honour has come back".
  • "Holiness, Love, Pain".

Negative images/representations of war

  • "Demented choirs of wailing shells"
  • "No alarms of bugles" Contrast to Brooke "Blow out the bugles".
  • "YOu cant believe that troops 'retire' when hells last horror breaks them and they run".
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Friend or Foe

  • ""Now you have touched this English hand, you will do the same to a German".
  • " O'German mother, dreaming by the fire....."
  • "I killed him because-Becasue he was my foe".

Negative people in charge

  • "For those who die as cattle"
  • "The loss of say another 300,000 men may lead to really great results".
  • "six young men".
  • "It all happened again and again and again".
  • "Did you really believe them when they told you the cause".
  • "Sir tell us what to do".
  • "Those long uneven lines".
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Un-natural war

  • "Brambles clutched and clung to them like sorrowing hands".
  • "Black rain, of the bruised and swollen clouds".
  • "Stinking mud becomes more evilly yellow...green white water...inches of slime, trees ooze and sweat and shells never ceasse".
  • "tearing, rotting, ooze".

How war changes you

  • "He could not believe her touch, it was tender, she should have killed him".
  • "Annihalting, maiming and maddening".

What happens in death

  • "The rich dead" "Dying has made us rarer gifts than gold".
  • "It is easy to be dead, say only this, they are dead".
  • "When you see the millions of the mouthless dead".
  • "none wears the face you knew".
  • "Yet many a better one had died before".
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Loss of war and sacrifice

  • "sudden cups in thousands fro there blood".
  • "Poured out the red sweet wine of youth".
  • "It all happened again and again and again".

Careless nature of men/never the same agin

  • "all trimmed for a sunday jaunt".
  • "Standing as patiently as if outside the oval or villa park".
  • "This photograoh have not wrinkled the faces or hands.....faded and core tinged".
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