Vulnerable Groups

All about the different types of Vulnerable Groups

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Different Types of Vulnerable Groups

The different Vulnerable Groups include:

  • Babies and Infants
  • Difficulties and Disabilities
  • People with mental illnesses
  • Older Adults

Babies and infants:

  • Could become a victim due to a lack of physical strength
  • are not able to look after themselves
  • may be a witness to abusive scenes at home
  • unable to express their emotions
  • are subjective to neglect, forms of abuse and bullying can be left without adult protection


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Other legislations

  • Difficulties and disabilities
  • can be ignored
  • feelings can be devalued
  • could be discriminated against

People with mental illnesses:

  • actions are very unpredictable
  • not always identified by people who have illnesses
  • can be ignored by others
  • make rash decisions and can make unpredictable actions
  • not always capable of their own safety
  • some tablets gives people too much control
  • may not be able to care for themselves e.g. food, hygienne and health
  • can be exploited

Older Adults:

  • not strong enough
  • can be isolated because they have fewer friends and relatives
  • if someone breaks into an elderly persons home they can steal their jewellery in their house and they are easy targets
  • can become a victim of abuse. physically can be given too much tablets on purpose
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