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Volcano eruptions, in Monsterrat which is part of an island arc created by volcano eruptions in the Caribbean it is a UK colony. There were many eruptions from July 1995 - 1999.


North and South American plate are being subducted under the Caribbean plate. Destructive margin.


  • Evacuated people to the north of the island in August 1995
  • Had to live in churches/halls -sharing toilets- poor conditions
  • Evacuated capital - Plymouth in April 1996
  • South covered in Pyroclastic flow in June 1997
  • 19 people died as they decided to stay in the south
  • 2/3 of homes and 3/4 of infrustructure were destroyed
  • 1/2 the population left for Antigua, USA and UK
  • No tourists (use to be 2000 a year)
  • Scientists monitored, set up warning systems such as radio, loud hailer and sirens.
  • In January 1995 population was 11000 it decreased to 3500 in 1997
  • Evacuated by boats paid by UK and USA government, British Navy and personal boats.
  • USA sent troops
  • Charities sent emergency food for farm animals.
  • In 2005 the south remains out of bounds to people other than scientists.
  • People moved back, population in 2005 was 8000
  • Red Cross built elderly a home
  • UK funded 3year redevelopment for infrustructure
  • People offered mortgages
  • Population imbalance
  • Vegetation begun to regrow
  • Soil will eventually become more fertile as ash and lava breakdown
  • Tourists may come back with volcano as an attraction
  • UK government sent £17mill of emergency aid - temp buildings and water purification systems.

Why live there?

People have lived there for years and don't want to leave.

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Volcano eruption in Washington State USA Mount St. Helens on May 18th 1980.


A minor oceanic plate - Juan de Fuca is moving east colliding with the North America continetal plate. The volcano erupted out of the side and top as the top was partly blocked by a plug of old solidified lava. There was pyroclastic flow because it is a destructive margin.


  • Trees flattened and burnt over 360sq km
  • 7000 animals died mainly game
  • 12mill salmon killed
  • 61 people died - mainly scientists and photographers
  • Mudslides due to snow melt
  • Air traffic diverted
  • 200 houses/cabins destroyed
  • 4 billion comercial timber board damaged/destroyed
  • Agricultural crops destroyed although some survived with only a blanket of ash
  • 1000+ commercial flights cancelled due to airport closure
  • Total cost $1.1billion
  • US government gave $951mill in aid to rebuid industry and compensate
  • 185metres of roads, 15metres of railway and 27 bridges damaged/destroyed

Why live there?

Initially tourism crippled however long-term tourism has benefitted - people keen to visit the site. But there is an increased chance in flooding due to new landscape. People work there. Friends and family nearby.

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