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Revision cards for Volcanoes- mostly human impacts of events

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Montserrat- Nature (NIC)

  • Errupted in differnet phases from 1995-->2010
  • It lay dormant for 300years prior to eruption.
  • In 1997 it threw 5million m₃ of ash into the air.
  • A large pyroclastic flow ocuured


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Montserrat- Impacts (NIC)

  • ENVIRONMENTAL- Ash deposited in the sea damaged and destroyed coral reef.
  • ECONOMIC- Air ports and sea ports closed disrupting tourism and economy.
  • POLITICAL- UK allowed islanders to enter the UK and become UK citizens
  • SOCIAL- Approx 12,000 population fell to 4,500.


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Montserrat- Management (NIC)

  • UK goverment donated $350 million.
  • 4 research stations set up by USA & UK
  • 2 additional stations with lots of equipment e.g. gas spectrometres.


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Icelandic Eruption 2010- Nature (MEDC)

  • Sporadic ash based eruption.
  • Ash forced higher by steam plumes.
  • Ash pushed into the jet stream and made a global problem at 25-35,000ft.


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Icelandic Eruption 2010- Impacts (MEDC)

  • Biggest flight disruption since 9/11 with a $1.7billion economic loss to airlines.
  • However car hire and ferry companies benefited hugely from this.
  • This made it difficult for food to be exported and imported around and into Europe.
  • 500 Icelandic farmers evacuated.


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Icelandic Eruption 2010- Management (MEDC)

  • Aviation guidelines lowered for flying in volcanic ash.
  • Icelandic farmers were advised to move livestock and animals indoors to protect them from  ash fall.


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Nyiragongo 2002- Nature (LEDC)

  • City at the base of erruption of Goma, (DRC) population of 1 million
  • 15 million cubic tonnes of lava wen through Goma.
  • Everyday lava lake on volcano expels 7,000 tonnes of SO2 causing acid rain.


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Nyiragongo 2002- Impacts (LEDC)

  • 14,000 home destroyed.
  • 250,000 citizens of Goma fled, many into neighboring Rwanda.
  • 120,000 left homeless.
  • 150 pharamcies buried under ash- impacts upon healthcare for people of Guma.


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Nyirangongo 2002- Management (LEDC)

  • One of the least studied volcanoes globally.
  • Falag warning system, but most flags are faded and discoloured.
  • Not much aid given, some resources ended up on black market.
  • Small observatory on volcano has been looted during wars.


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Hawaii - Linear Chaain

  • Hawaii is a Linear Chain.
  • It is and intra plate volcano caused by a hotspot volcano in the middle of the Pacific plate.
  • Underwater volcanoes eventually form new islands.
  • As the plate moves over the  hotspot volcano an chain of islands form.


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Japan- Island Arc

  • Destructive Plate Boundary
  • Thin SiAl magma/lava
  • Thick, dense oceanic plate is subducted out at sea by a continental plate causing an island arec to form out at sea.

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Intrusive Volcanic Features


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Extrusive Volcanic Features

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