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Overseas Voyages

Francis Drake

-  He was a Puritan, so hated Spain on account of it being a powerful Catholic county.   

-  In 1577 he set sail to attack Spanish settlements. He attacked Spanish towns in Mexico, capturing gold, silver and jewels.                                                                          

-  This hugely angered the Spanish, but Eizabeth proceeded to Knight him. She then made him Admiral when the Spanish Armarda set sail.                                                   

-  He was the first British man to circumnavigate the globe and made a large profit from the voyage.

Sir Walter Raleigh 

-  In 1885 he established a British colony and called it Virginia.                                        

-  He returned from the voyage with potatoes and tobacco.                                              

-  Organised two expeditions that took settlers to the new colony (one never returned).

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