violence Act 1 scene 1

this should help you learn the anwere you need for qustion c of the romeo and juiilet section. 

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point 1

servant arguing

Samson(caplet) bit thumb

 Cause augment insulting


(idea) family loyalties.

Even servant loyal ready fight. Biting thumb(swearing)



Maintain family name

Hournou servant had to keep job.

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Point 2

Point 2


  turns  to stop violence  and “keep pace”


= / dislike violence



More reasonable


(surprising) he should what to fight defend family name and honor 

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point 3

Tybalt- hate peace and thee=bevnlsio (Montague)

Tybalt- like violence = like to fight.

Crisp (plot)

Tybalt choice  Sight away violent fight

All violence that flow’s.



Extpext fight enemy defend family name and honor

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point 4

Princes angry

Fithing   family with death “ destuder the peace again”

Princes= unnecessary violence feed up


Crisp (relationship

What the family to repair relationship with each other as negative effect other Charter  ( fighting)



Society  settle despite fighting to maintain honor  but not supported by law comedic  

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