Vilna 1920

the border dispute in Vilna 1920

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Vilna 1920

  • Poland and Lithuania were new countries created by the post war treaties and Vilna was the capital of Lithuania but it had a largely Polish population
  • In 1920 a private Polish army took control of it
  • Lithuania appealed for help from the League of Nations - this was the first dispute for the League
  • Both countries were in the League so they could be controlled and Poland was clearly the aggressor so the League protested to Poland but they would not withdraw
  • Now the League was stuck - it should sent in British and French troops to stop Poland and force them out of Vilna but it didn't
  • The French didn't want to upset Poland because they were an Ally against Germany in future conflicts
  • Britain wouldn't act alone and send there troops to the other side of Europe
  • So, the League did nothing and the Polish kept control of Vilna
  • The League had failed
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