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Views on the Catholic Church (Henry VIII) Reign

The Catholic Church had many supporters leading up to 1509. The supporters of the Catholic Church followed the public lead given by their King. Henry responded to Luther's 95 these by writing the book Asserito Septum Sacramentus - this book defended the catholic faith. By declaring his support to the catholic church and the pope was grateful to henry and therefore he awarded 'Fidie defensor' which means defender of faith.                                                           The historian Haigh concluded that on the whole people in England accepted the condtion of the Catholic Church, without question. There is evidence to supports this claim for example ordinary people were leaving large amounts of money in their will to religoius causes, such as the building or churches and private mass. Robert Findings, a historian, stated that between 1520-29, the people in Cornwall and Devon left 57% of their will to religous causes. This proves that the church was supported by the local people.                                                                                       

Nevertheless there were oppostion and critics. Historians cited the the case of richard hunne as evidence and proof of widespread dissatisfaction of the conditon of the catholic church in england.Hunne was a london merchant, who challenged the church over High rate of mortuary fees that he was forced to pay. In response the church charhed Hunne with Hersy.he was therefore imprisoned and later found down in his prison cell. This cause uproar in London; the church was accused by the people of making up charges , murder and convicting Hunnes of all charges after his death inorder to sieze his property. 

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