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  • Social Cognitive theory - based on social learning theory, violence is reinforced by playing VVGs, it creates active representations of violence increasing likelihood of actual violence
  • Przybylski et al (2014) - based on self determination theory, suggests that aggresion from video games is the result of the thwarting of basic psychological needs which creates frustration, aggression can be the result of non-violent video games as well. 
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  • Strasburger (2007) - 30% of societal violence can be attributed to VVGs
  • Bushman and Anderson (2002) - the effects of VVGs on aggression can be compared to those of smoking on lung cancer
  • APA (2005) - VVGs cause increased aggresion etc and decreased helping behaviour, urged to repeal statement by 230 scholars
  • School Shootings - Jerald Block claims result of VVGs being taken away and a cathartic effect from real violence, however cases include meticulous planning, mental illness and VVGs failed to be mentioned in official reports
  • US secret service - only 12% of school shooters play VVGs
  • Correlations - no clear relationship between buying VVGs and gun crime
  • Anderson et al (2004) - fill in missing letter... e.g. explo_e
  • Fergeson (2013) - correlations of violence and VVGs are largely meidated by other factors e.g. hositle expectations, empathy, beliefs about aggression
  • Anderson et al (2010) - largest meta-analysis, conclude there is a link
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