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Thinking Hats

White - Facts and Details           Black - Examines Problems

Red - Emotions and Feelings      Green - Creativeness and Imagination

Blue - Reflection                        Yellow - Positive Aspects

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Video and Film Terminology


  • Script and Synopsis
  • Scriptment- cross between first draft and detailed screenplay
  • Screenplay- detailed script written will include actions, dialogue, timing + camera angles
  • Treatment- film pitch


  • Storyboard- each major camera shot is drawn as it would be shot 
  • Producer- oversees and delivers a film project to film studio or other finacing entity, they hire crew
  • Director- responible for storytelling, creative decisions and acting on the film
  • Assaistant director- manages the shooting schedule
  • Director of Photography- cinematographer who supervises the photography of the entire film
  • Director of Audiography- upervises the audiography of the entire film
  • Production Sound mixer- head of the sound department during the production stage
  • Sound designer- creates aural conception of the film
  • Production designer- creates visual conception of the film
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Video and Film Terminology 2


  • Making the shortage
  • 'Picture is up'- about to film 'quiet, everyone' "roll sound' 'sound speed'
  • 'roll cameras' 'marker' 'action'
  • 'cut' 'setup' 'covered' 'wrap' or 'moving on'


  • Editing footage
  • Writing, recording and editing soundtrack
  • Adding visual effects, CGI
  • Sound Design, sound effects
  • Transfer of film to video and colour grading

Sales- Releasing on DVD, cinemas, Posters and advertising

Independent Film- Outside main stream films compancies

Codecs- compressing and decompressing

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Digital Graphics

Lossless- discard no information             Lossy- some degradation in image to reduce size

File types-

  • Tiff- lossy or lossless-cameras
  • PNG- lossless, for patterns- transparency
  • GIF- compress colours, lossy- if has fewer than 256 colours- transparency
  • JPG- photgraphs, lossy-on websites
  • RAW- lossless, convert to TIFF, PNG or JPG
  • BMP-no reason to use this
  • PSD- photoshop
  • PSP-Paint shop pro

Vector- text, shapes on photoshop     Bitmap/Raster- photos

RGB- Light  CMYK- print  Grayscale- 8 bit model has white black and 254 shades in-between

Websafe colour- 256 colours or 8 bit colour  Animated GIF- still images in a timed sequence

Dithering- reduce the amount of colours     Pixels- picture elements    D/PPI- Dots/ per inch  Moniter display 72 ppi or 72 X 72 

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Digital Graphics 2

Typeface- collection of characters   Font styles- bold or italic    Attribute- underline  

Leading- thin strips between lines  Point- o.34mm  Font size- distance between top + bottomof Y + J

Tracking-space between letters  Kerning- space between combinations of letters WA MW TA VA

Serif fonts- extras bits on words (body)  Sans Serif- not bits (headlines)

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