Vesicles and Vacuoles

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Vesicles and Vacuoles

Vesicles- membrane- bound sacs found in cells- used to carry many different substances around cells.

Plant cells- large VACUOLE needed to maintain cell stability

  • filled with water
  • pushes the CYTOPLASM against the cell wall
  • TURGID- caused by the water pushing the CYTOPLASM agains the CELL WALL
  • Turgidity- helps support the plant
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Plant cell walls

Plant cell walls are:

  • Outside of the plant cell plasma membranes
  • Plants- made of cellulose- CARBOHYDRATE POLYMER made up of GLUCOSE subunits
  • Cellulose- forms a sieve like NETWORK of strands- makes the wall strong
  • Held rigid- by PRESSURE of the fluid inside the cell  (turgor pressure)- supports the cell, and effectively the whole plant
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The nucleus

  • Largest organelle
  • When stained- dark patches named CHROMATIN
  • Surrounded by a NUCLEUR ENVELOPE
  • Has a dense, spherical structure called the NUCLEOLUS inside the nucleus


A stucture made of 2 membranes with fluid between them.

Nuclear pores that pass through- relatively large molecules can pass through

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