verification and falsification

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Statement is only meaningful, if you know what sense experience would show it to false.

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Logical Positivism

Philosophical movement in the twentieth century that sought to analyse religious and moral launguage scientifically.

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Statement is only meaningful if you can verify it through the senses.

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Religious statements that express opinions and values.

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Religiou statements about the world that can be true or false.

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Eschatological verification

You can verify God when you die

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Statement that has to be verified to find truth or falsity. Not intrinsically proven.

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Death By 1000 Qualifications

Religious believer is not challenged by the existence of God. Reasoning has no effect without evidence

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Second Edition of the Verification Principle

A statement is held to be literally meaningful if and only if it is either analytic or emperically verifiable.

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Hare: fundamental belief meaning "we cannot give up". Guides our lives.

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Putative Statements

Generally considered to be reputable

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Statement that cannot be doubted.

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Language Games

Wittgenstein: religious language is like a game - different way of speaking. It won't mean anything to those who are ignorant.

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