Verbe+ " à" + Infinitive

Here are some common verbs that are followed by the prepositin "à", learn them for your exam, they are really useful mark-boasters. I will provide cards for some examples on these (give your own examples as well) .  Good Luck :)

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Verbe+ " à" + Infinitive

Aider...à to

S'amuser à to enjoy doing sth

Apprendre à to learn to

S'apprêter à to be about to

Arriver à to succeed in

S'attendre à to expect to

Autoriser...à to allow s.o to do sth

Avoir...à to

Chercher à to try/ seek to

Commencer à  to begin to

Consister à to consist in

Continuer à  to continue to 

Se décider à to make up one's mind to

S'habituer à to get used to (

Hésiter à  to hesitate to

Inviter...à to

Se mettre à   to start to

Obliger à to

Passer son temps à to spend one's time doing sth

Perdre son temps à  to waste one's time doing sth

Se préparer à to prepare oneself to 

Renoncer à to give up (

Réussir à to succed in ( manage to 

Servir à to be used for (

Songer à to think of ( remember to 

Tenir à  to be keen to 

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