Verb forms that use the present tense

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Present continous

  • Actions in progress
  • Requires the present tense of estar with the past participle
  • The present participle is formed by removing -ar, -er and -ir from the infinitive and adding:
    • -ando to the -ar verbs
    • -iendo to the -er and -ir verbs
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Irregular verbs in present continous

  • Use the same endings as in present continuous, but change in the stem.
  • Radical-changing -ir verbs
    • keep 1st lett of the stem change
    • decir (digo) - diciendo
  • -er and -ir verbs ending in a vowel
    • take -yendo rather than -iendo
    • leer (le-) - leyendo
  • -ir verb stems ending in ñ or ll 
    • add -endo
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The immediate future

  • What we are going to do
  • Present tense of ir with infinitive
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