VEI 2 - Stromboli, Italy

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VEI 2 - Stromboli, Italy

  • Been erupting almost continuously since 1932
  • Forms the northeastern-most of the Aeolian islands
  • 924 meters above sea level
  • Part of the Calabrian volcanic arc
  • Associated with the subduction of the African tectonic plate under the Eurasian plate
  • Basaltic and Andesitic lavas
  • 1907 indicate that one explosion was strong enough to shatter windows in the island's villages
  • 1930 were associated with an earthquake that also created a small tsunami
  • Most recent eruption began in 1932 & has continued essentially uninterrupted since then
  • Strombolian eruptions are mild explosive events where "slugs" of gas periodically rise through a magma-filled volcanic conduit, burst at the surface, and throw bits of lava into the air (lava bombs)
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