Vegetarian Society - Text 11.

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Text 11 - Vegetarian Society

(SPAG) or (GAPS) 

  • Subject - how to become a vegetarian 
  • Purpose - to persuade 
  • Audience - internet users and people who are unsure about changing diets
  • Genre - Website article

Context - the Vegetarian Society have produced this web article. It has been written to persuade the reader to become vegetarian.this text is written in the 2nd person. This effects the style of writing as there will be more persuasive devices such as hyperbole (exaggeration), Repition, similes ect...

Structure: Numerical/ Chronological. Paragraphs short as this breaks down the steps to give the impression of ease. 

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Text 11 - Vegetarian Society2

Lexical Fields - theres is a lexical field of health and diets, this is because they are trying to persuade the reader that becoming vegetarian makes you healthier. Emotive language has also been used 'not to mention unnecessary - to kill mammals for food, also apply to fish' this language has been used to make the reader feel guilt and to make them feel as if they should change. 

Lexical Choices - Proper nouns have also been used 'Quorn' and 'Vegetarian Society' this has the effect of making the item have more importance, there are many different adjectives ' great tasting food' this adds more detail to the word food. 'healthy vegetarian diet' this makes the diet seem better as the adjectives have added more positve detail. A common noun is also used, 'soya', 'tofu' these are used to place a sense of identity to the artcle. 

Grammar - The strart of the paragraphs are short sentences and this is to give a sense of authority in the article, however the sentences then move on to complex sentences that add more detail to the text. The majority of the text is in complex sentences as they want to add detail to make it seem easy to do, however they cut the text down. 

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Text 11 - Vegetarian Society 3

Graphology - layout and presentation - The font colour is a very dark green and this is because we associate the word vegetarian with the colour green, the text has been seperated to make it more of an easy read, there is one heading and this is also in green to reinforce the subject, the text is in columns but gives the impression not to have any real structure. The pictures are bigger on this article than would be appropriate on a newspaper and this is because there would be a cost for each picutre in a newspaper, whereas there wouldnt be for the web. the logo has neuteral colours and these also fit in with the vegetarian theme. 

FOREST RAP - this is only used in persuasive texts!

(facts, opinions, rhetorical question, emotive language, satistics, triadic structure)

(Repitition, alliteration, personal pronouns)

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