1. Attic Black Figure Vases

2. The Transitional Period

3. Attic Red Figure Vases

4. The Mannerists

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BFV: The Gorgon Painter (Perseus pursued by the Go

Type & function of the vase: Dinos with stand (wine)

Date: 600-590 BC

Use of Space;

  • 5 zones
  • bottom 3 friezes depict animals
  • top band depicts the myth of the gorgons pursuing Perseus (he flees to the right)
  • headless Medusa (sister of the Gorgons) falls
  • far left- Athena and Hermes watch over the scene
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BFV: Sophilos Painter (Wedding of Peleus and Theti

Type and function: Dinos

Date: 580-570 BC

Use of Space;

  • several zones depict animals and monsters
  • mythological scene of wedding of Peleus and Thetis (top)
  • procession of wedding guests
  • Peleus in front of the house offering kantharos of wine to the gods
  • Iris the messenger leads and following him are other gods (Dionysus, Hebe and Cheiron)

Other details;

  • animals and monsters are drawn conventionally and carelessly
  • women's flesh is painted white (touches of purplish red)
  • signed his name on the vase
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