• Worship - Shiva
  • Followers - Shaivas and Shaivites

  • Originated from pre-historic India and worshippers of the pre-aryan god, Pashuputi
  • Particularly popular in Southern India and Sri Lanka
  • Accepts the idea of many gods but purely as incarnations of the supreme - Monistic Theism
  • Devotional, deep, mystical
  • Diverse ideas and traditions
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Shaivism - Shiva

  • Shiva is worshipped as a linga and in human form
  • Shaivas place great emphasis on the Vedas due to the praise it place son Shiva
  • Shiva - Lord of Yoga
  • The transcendent who creates the world, maintains it and destroys it
  • Concealed through his magical power - Cloud of illusion - Maya
  • Yoga is encourages by a Guru in order to achive Moksha
  • Shiva is a paradoxical character as he is both;
    • Terrible and mild
    • Creator and destroyer
    • Eternal rest and ceaseless activity
  • The god of fertility and demands seduction
  • Represents unpredictability and divinity
  • Bathed in ash so Shaivas often cover themselves in ashes
  • Shaivas believe in the cycle of Samsara
  • Worshippers of Shiva prefer to be buried rather than cremated
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