Utilitarianism human experience

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Human experience

Infantcide singer argues that if society can permit abortion then there should not be a moral problem with the acceptance of infantcide. he states 'if the foetus does not have the same claim to life as a person, it appears that the newborn baby does not either' therefore, on utilitarian grounds, if parents are not hppy with their child for reasons such as severe disability they should be allowed to have the child killed in a humane way: thus infantcide can only be equated with abortion when those closest to the child do not want it to live'

Singer donates 20% of his income to oxfam as he feels that thid money can bring greaterhappiness to those suffering from absolute poverty than it can to him and his family. He claims that it is our moral obligation to 'help those in absolute poverty' Singers view is that if we ignore a drowning child in a pond we are in some ways responsible for their death because we could have helped but we did not so

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