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  • 1910-2989
  • His book is called "Language, truth and logic"
  • He believed we decide in a matter of seconds on how we feel about a subject. WE may not say it but it can be implied through our facial expression, words and body language.


  • His book was called "Ethics and language"
  • Statements are more than just expressing emotion
  • We can't expect someone to agree with our opinions all the time 
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Intuition is about weighing up all the available facts to find the best outcome.


  • 1873-1958
  • We know what good is but we cannot define it. He gives the example of the colour yellow, we know what it is but cannot define its qualities.


  • 1871-1947
  • He believed that there were two types of thinking:

                                                                                  General (looking at the facts of a situation)                                                                                         Moral (Deciding what to do with the facts)

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We derive what we need to do from facts we know about the world


  • 1846-1924
  • Morality is simply finding our place in society
  • A good ethical life is divided into two stages:

                                                                          1)Find your position in society

                                                                          2) Try to be the best person in that role


  • Just because something is something it doesn't mean it ought to be (Hume's guillotine)
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Naturalism continued


  • Good is indefinable (naturalistic fallacy)
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