Uses of Ultrasound

how to use ultrasound for medical uses and for industrial uses, wih explanations.

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Pre-natal Ultrasound

  • An Ultrasound pulse is sent out from the transducer
  • The pulse reflects wherever there is a change in density
  • The transduce detects the returning pulse
  • The computer then builds up many reflections into an image
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For Cleaning

  • Teeth in an electric toothbrush, vibrates and cleans
  • Cleaning tiny mechanisms e.g. inside watches
  • Aeropane wings can be checked for cracks that would be invisible on the surface
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  • Bats send out ultrasound noises and when they reflect back, they know that something is there
  • Ships use sonar to determine the depth of water they are in. A ship sends a pulse of ultrasound and recives an echo 0-3 seconds later.If the speed of sound in water is 1500m/s, you can calculate its depth.
  • s= d/t
  • d=sxt
  • d=1500x0.3 = 450m
  • Depth is half of ths because this is the distance travelled  by the sound so, 450/2 = 225m.
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