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Act 1

"And did you ever hear of a mother, so cruel

There's a stone in place of her heart?

Then bring her on and come and judge for yourselves

How she cam to play this part"

"Oh God, Mrs Lyons, never put new shoes on a table...You never know what'll hapen"

"Theres shoes upon the table an' a joker in the pack.."

"Each day I look out from this window,

I see him with his friends, I hear him call"


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Act 1 cont..

"You gave your baby away, dont you realise what a crime that is? You'll be locked up"

"Its a magpie, never look at one magpie. Its one for sorrow"

"Because, because your not them same as him. You're not, do you understand?"

"But a debt is a debt and it must be paid"

"You know the devil's got your number,

y'know he's gonna find ya, y'know he's right behind ya"

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Act 2

"You can do exactly as you choose sir"

"You're innocent, immortal, you're just fifteen"

"Y'gonna be late Mick. I dont want you getting the sack an' spending your days idling around like our Sammy"

"If I was the guy. if I

Was in his shoes"

"Theres a young man on the street, Miss Jones,

He's walking round in circles,

Hes old before his time

But still too young to know"

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Act 2 cont..

"They're just junk. You'll be home soon, Mickey, and you should come off them"

"I could have been...I could have been him"

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