USA 1910-1929 Culture and Society

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silent movies - used music to help tell the stroy, captions on the screen. Overact to get story across. No language barrier so popular worldwide.

Famous Actors - Rudolph Valentino and Clara Bow - Sex symbols. Said to be lowering morals so hays code introduced - no nudity, no long kisses, boy and girl not in bed together.

Charlie Chaplin - famous actor in silent movies.

Merchandise and magazines for actors/actresses - made more money.

The Talkies - Al Jolson  - The jazz singer.

Hollywood - used because good weather in California.

Nickelodeon - nickel to get in - cheap, popular because it was comfortable, escapism - get away from their lives, had more free time - labour saving devices.

Movies popular because - wanted to follow their favourite stars, listened and read stories about the stars.

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Fads and Crazes

Flagpole sitting - competition to see who could sit on the pole for the longest.

Dance Marathons - comepetition to see the last person dancing, lasted days.


Mahjong - a game from China

Charles Lindbergh - first man to fly the Atlantic in the spirit of st.Louis , without a parachute or radio.

Amelia Earhart - first woman to fly the Atlantic.

Gertrude Ederle - first woman to swim the English Channel.

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Jazz Music and Dances

Jazz music originally came from slaves and developed from blues. 

Improvisation is often used because unable to read music notes.

More lively and upbeat - new dances to go with it - the charleston, blackbottom.

Black musicians - louis Armstrong - trumpet

- Bessie Smith - Empress of the Blues - Jazz singer.

radio made it more popular - could listen at home for free.

Fundamentlaists didin't like the new music and dances because they were more lively and were said to be lowering moral standards.

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Sports became popular because - radio helped people follow the games and news in their own home, the car made it easier for people to travel to sports events.

- sports stars such as Jack Dempsey (boxing) and Babe Ruth (baseball) - immigrants done well so others thought they could.

New stadiums were built to encourage people - more seats to watch as well.

More lesiure time - changing working hours, labour saving devices.

Sports journalists - stories about favourite stars. Merchandise - sold products with stars on to boost sales.

Worldwide success in tennis and golf  - wnated to take part.

A profitable business.

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Changing role of Women

After world war 1 - didn't have to be chaperoned

- wore shorter dresses and skirts

- drinking and smoking in public, driving cars

- some now had jobs because took on mens jobs whilst they were at war, clothing changed to be more practical for working.

- flappers - young, fashionable women.had short hair - bob cut, rebelled agiant traditions for Women, wore make up and jewelery.New dances and fashion.

- some people such as fundamentalists - didn't like the new flapper lifestyle - lowering morlas.

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