US Presidents 1968-1998

Some notes on each president and key features during their presidential term, from Nixon's first term, to Clinton's second term :)

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Richard Nixon 1968-1971

Promised 'peace with honour' in Vietnam

Began cracking down on law and order when dealing with violent student protesters

Tried to slow down segregation with 'The Southern Strategy'

He visited China and opend up relations with the communist nation

Created SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty) with the soviets, which reduces the number of nulcear weapons each nation has

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Richard Nixon 1972-1974

Nixon is known as the president who ended Vietnam (the war ended in 1972)

CREEP (Committee to Re-Elect the President) was created. The committee broke into the Democratic National Committee HQ, breaking the law, and were caught. Nixon tried to get the CIA to stop the FBI to investigate further, but refused.

Watergate goes public (1973)

He resigns, escaping impeachment, and is pardoned by Gerald Ford, his vice president.

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Gerald Ford 1974-1975

Pardons Nixon

Introduces WIN (Whip Inflation Now) to reduce the 7% infalation at the time

As a result of watergate and pardoning Nixon, Ford experiences congressional opposition through out his term, which proves difficult when trying to pass legislation.

During his term, the National deficit increased every year.

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Jimmy Carter 1976-1979

Announces amnesty to those who fled instead of fighting in Vietnam

First president to include women, hispanics and African Americans into his administration

Established Departent of Energy

Camp David summat (1978)

Signs SALT 2 with the Soviets (1979)

The 444 day Iranian Hostage Crisis being (1979)

Billygate (1979)

'Carter Doctrine' (1980)

At the end of his presidency, unemployment was down 1%, and inflation was up by 5%

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Ronald Reagan 1980-1983

At the beginning of his presidential term, New York stocks increase dramatically with defence, oil and technology (this is said to be a key factor in improving the economy during his presidency, not reaganomics!!!)

Assasination attempt (1981)

Tax bill, cutting taxes by 25%, instead of 30%

Reagans budget cuts down on welfare spending, and increases defence spending

Know as 'the President who abandoned their community'

Reagan exclaims the U.S.S.R is the 'focus of evil in the modern world'

Social security reform bill (1983)

The Christian New Right grew during his presidenial term and supported Reagan on issues such as anti-abortion, pro-life etc.

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Ronald Reagan 1984-1987

Passes Tax reform bill (1986)

Lebanese magazine 'Al Shiraa' reports that the US has sold arms to Iran. The Iranian goverment confirms the story. This is the beginning of the Iran-Conta scandal

Inflation is down to 5% and unemployment hits a 14 year low at just 4% at the end of Reagans term!

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George Bush Sr. 1988-1991

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) is announced between the US and Mexico (signed in 1992)

Signs Americans with Disabilities Act, Clean Air Act and Civil Rights Act

Establishes a Cabinet level Department of the Enviroment

Anita Hill harassment case looses womens votes for him

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Bill Clinton 1992-1995

'Don't ask, Don't tell' introduced into the army

Overturns restrictions on abortions from Reagan and Bush era

'Brady Bill' signed into law, requiring a background check and a five day waiting period when buying a hand gun

Signed NAFTA into law

Congress investigate Whitewater

Paula Jones files a sexual harassment charge against Clinton

Rules affirmative action 'unfair', and abolishes the legislation brought in by Nixon

Signs Welfare reform bill, which limits lifetime welfare

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Bill Clinton 1996-1999

Signs Anti-terrorism and effective death penalty act into law

Established 'Initiavive for One America' to help facilitate closing Americas raciall divide

Lewinsky scandal goes public in 1998

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