US Foreign Policy

US Foregin Policy 1945-1950

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Kennan's Long Telegram

1946 - The Long Telegram

  • written by George Kennan, in Moscow
  • long message which described the USSR's view of the world
  • Kennan thought the USSR would try to spread Communisum globally
  • he argued it was a serious threat BUT could be dealt with without war if the US had a strong military
  • US needed to make it clear they were prepared to use it if necessary
  • USSR would then be deterred from being aggressive
  • policy later called 'containment'
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The Truman Doctrine

1947 - The Truman Doctrine

  • set out by President Truman
  • new policy designed to deal with communisum
  • promised US support for "free people who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures" - in other words, people under the threat of communisum
  • adopted the policy of containment
  • sought to keep the USSR in it's current boundaries and undermine Soviet influence
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NSC'68 - 1950

  • issued by National Security Council
  • stated the US had a duty to perserve freedom
  • in order to do this it had to increase military spending
  • reserved traditional policy of isolationism
  • now played an active role in world affairs
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