Urbanisation definitions

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A place where people establish a community.

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Rural settlement

A dwelling or group of dwellings which provide housing for farmworkers but there arent shops or anything.

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Urban settlement

An area of high habitation that provides services to the surrounding country side.

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Increase in size and population density, the persentage of population living in an urban area is increasing.  

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Urban sprawl

the spread outwards of a city and its suburbs to its outskirts to low-density and auto-dependant developmenton rural land 

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Rural-urban migration

People moving from areas of the country into the city.

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The process by which people,factories,offices and shops move out from the central areas of cities and into the suburbs

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The outer zone of towns and cities.

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Movement of people from urban cities to rural areas seeking a better quality life.

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When towns and cities in MEDC's which have been experiencing a loss of population are able to reserve the decline and begin to grow again

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Urban consolidation

process by which an increasing percentage of a countries population comes to love in toens and cities.

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Mega cities

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Mega City: where a city has over 10 million inhabitants e.g. Tokyo

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