Urban redevelopment

-description of how UDCs are used to redevelop and regenerate new areas

-evaluation of the effectiveness of the solutions to the problems in the London Docklands

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Urban Development Corperations (UDCs)

-major stratergy introduced in the 1980s, with London Docklands Development Corperation (LDDC) and Mereyside Development Corperation (MDC) established in 1981.

-11 more UDCs followed.

-These were large-scale projects where major changes occured with the help of both public and private investments.

-Although LDDC ceased to exist after 1998, the area has continued to develop and change.

-During this lifetime, £1.86 billion from the public money was invested along with the £1.1 billion from the private sector.

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-redevelopment=changing the land use of an area to improve it.

-regeneration=is bringing something back that has been lost or destroyed, i.e. London Docklands.

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-------=issues in London Docklands (Ds).

-------=regeneration " " ".


-little open spaces

-over half of the Ds were derelict

-ecological parks

-conservation areas

-waterside walkways

-cycle paths

-city farms opened


-many empty factories and warehouses

-Docks were unused

-high rates of unemployment

-new office blocks were built

-by 1999, over 16 000 jobs had been created

-new shopping facilities

-financial and high tech industries attracted to the area by low rates


-little open space

-few leisure amenities

-houses were small and lacked modern amenities

-little parking space

-high rates of unemployment

-transport links were improved with the Ds Light Railway and Jubilee line

-20 000 new houses and flats were built

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