urban land use models

notes and images of the three urban land use models

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zonal (burgess) model

  • represent urban land use in a series of concentric rings
  • assumes city grows outwards from CBD in all directions. each growth period adds another ring to the model. the city gets younger the further travelled from the CBD
  • width of each ring depends on the density of the urban area and the efficiency of public transport links


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sector (hoyt) model

  • series of sectors radiating from the CBD
  • sectors develop alongside transport links where accessibility is high
  • sectorial growth is directional and separates different land uses (industry from residential) and different ethnic and income groups


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multiple nuclei model

  • most cities don't grow out form just one CBD
  • describes cities with loose structure of growth, concentrated around several nuclei (CBD's)
  • the nuclei comprise of outer CBD's, industrial areas, and residential areas
  • model recognises that some land uses repel each other such as polluting industry and high class housing and others attract such as transport links and manufacturing industries


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multiple nuclei model diagram


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