Urban II fund (AQA Geography - Development Gap)

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-   Urban II fund money comes from the European Regional Development Fund and it is for sustainable development in troubled districts of European cities.

-   It aims to provide economic and social regeneration.

-   Good ideas are shared with others to improve living conditions as widely as possible.

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What urban regeneration includes

- Improving living conditions. E.g. renovating older buildings

- Creating new jobs in services that benefit the whole population

- Making greater use of renewable energy

- Using up-to-date ICT systems make work more efficient

- Training less-favoured groups of people so that they can find employment

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     People of town of Teruel in Spain have a new ring road, paid for by Urban II funds. → reduce traffic flows through the town by at least 20%

     - Cutting congestion

     - Improving travel times

     - Improving air quality

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