Urban Environment Key Words

Important Key Words needed for the first module in GCSE Geography.

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Burning wood or other vegetation to produce energy/heat/electricity. 

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Brownfield Land

Old industrial or housing area that has become run down or derelict.

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Does not use resources that create carbon dioxide.

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Where a person's quality of life falls below a level that is regarded as the acceptable minimum by the government of a country.  

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Deprived areas

Places where economic/social and environment conditions are very poor. 

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Homes that have a minimum impact on the environment.

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Ecological footprint

The impact of an individual on earth (measured in hectares per person).

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Settlements that do not harm the environment. 

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Low-lying area next to a river that is vulnerable to flooding. 

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Integrated transport system

All parts of the system fit together to make it efficient. 

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Life expectancy

The age a person can expect to live to at the the time of birth.

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A city of 10 million people or more.

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Death rate, usually expressed as deaths per 1000 of the population. 

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NGO's or non government organisation

Organisation that is independent of government control, usually charitable organisations such as Water Aid, Oxfam, Save the Children.

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Photochemical smog

Where smog combines with sunlight to form ozone, causing serious health problems such as breathing problems, eye irritation, vomiting.

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Self help schemes

People take responsibility for improving their own living conditions.

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Squatter schemes

Where people have no legal rights over the land on which they live.

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Often called shanty towns in developing countries; also called favelas in Brazil, barricades in Peru, bustees in India.

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Mixture of smoke and fog.

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Outlying districts of a town or city, often dominated by housing. 

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Meeting the needs of people without damaging the environment or exploiting resources. 

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Tidal wave caused by undersea earthquake. 

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The process of urban growth.

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Urban heat island

Where a built up area has a higher heat than its surroundings. 

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Urban regeneration

Improving social and/or economic conditions in run down urban areas.

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Urban sprawl

The outward growth of urban areas.

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Intentional damage of property.

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