Urban Environment - Case Study: Birmingham

Birmingham is a case study of urban redevelopment - make sure you learn the facts.

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Basic Facts about Birmingham

  • Has a wide range of manufacturing industries
  • Fort Dunlop (biggest factory in the world)
  • Series of canals and basins
  • Barges bring in raw materials
  • Barges took out local produce to sell
  • Industrial decline in 1970s and 1980s
  • urban dereliction
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Redevelopment in Birmingham

  • City Hospital (£35 million development)
  • Brindleyplace (redeveloped canal basin. National Sea Life Centre)
  • National Indoor Arena
  • International Convention Centre/Symphony Hall
  • Royal mail sorting office turned into shopping centre & BBC headquarters
  • Bullring Shopping Centre (redeveloped & opened in 2003)
  • New Street Station (£550 million redevelopment scheme)
  • Eastside (£40 million redevelopment of college. New technology institute. IMAX theatre.)
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More on Brindleyplace

  • was previously a derelict area
  • warehouses along canal were derelict
  • disused factories
  • in 1990s, redeveloped to create mixed use area
  • now has residential and commercial value
  • has Symphony Court residential area, and National Indoor Arena events centre.
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